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Getting Older and Forgetting Who You Don't Like!

My mom is moving. To a senior apartment in a fabulous place. It has a movie theater, a fine dining restaurant, a cocktail hour bar. She’s moving from a 2300 square foot 3 bedroom, 2 full bath townhome. She’s downsizing but to a much nicer place with lots of social activity and more.Although we’ve never, really, gotten along for all my or her life, she thinks (or needs to believe) we are best friends now. She’s constantly telling me “I don’t know what I would do without you.” And, because we’ve never (and still don’t) get along all that well, I tend to think she’s only saying that because there is no one else in the family who can, or will, help her. I have a sister who doesn’t and hasn’t done anything to help her in years. The only other person who helps her is my son who, conveniently, lives 7 miles away and can fix “stuff”. Thank goodness because her *stuff* isn’t the only stuff that needs help; I’m always first or second on the list of “help me, please?”Point being is I think when…

A Hospital Germ Is On The Warpath

I'm publishing this article from the November 2014 issue of the AARP Bulletin. I've never heard of this bug before, "C.diff", and that it can only be eradicated by bleach. So, start wearing white and mix up a little bleach and water and carry it with you. I think Clorox has wipes with bleach in the wipes - this way you can wear whatever color you want! Hate those bleach dot stains..........

Grace Voros was 85 and enjoying life, watching her family grow and taking romantic walks with the man she fell in love with 61 years ago, when she took a minor fall. She went to the hospital for an x-ray, where tests confirmed she had no broken bones. But while there, she contracted an infection no one in the family had ever heard about, “C. diff,” and died.
C. diff, short for Clostridium difficile, is raging through hospitals, infecting hundreds of thousands of patients a year. The bacteria contaminate every surface, including bed rails, bed tables, nurses’ uniforms, privacy …

Turning The Big 60

Wow! It just didn't feel like anything.
What's up with that? I mean, it really didn't "feel" like anything at all. I'm beginning to believe 60 is, indeed, the new 40!
Here's a great link to Readers Digest where 50 Celebs were interviewed and share what they learned by Andrew Zuckerman, author of "Wisdom".
Okay, any of you remember these people who are turning 60 this year of 2008?
(Remember, the oldest real Boomers will be turning 64 this year!)

In no particular order, Americans born in 1948 include:

* John Carpenter
* Joe Roth
* Leslie Marmon Silko
* Rhea Perlman
* Ronnie Van Zant (d. 1977)
* Wayne Kramer
* Todd Rundgren
* Alice Cooper
* Raymond Kurzweil
* Teller
* Kate Pierson
* Stevie Nicks
* Dianne Wiest
* James Ellroy
* James Taylor
* Billy Crystal
* William Gibson
* Errol Morris
* Richard Simmons
* Elizabeth Blackburn
* Jerry Mathers
* Phylicia Rashad
* John Ritter (d. 2003)
* Sally Struthers
* Jack…

Memory Loss, Forgetfulness and Aging After 50

This article is copied with permission from Pam Sissons. You can read more of her writings at the links below.

Does memory loss and forgetfulness have to be part of your life after turning fifty? Noticing changes in your memory function as you age is completely normal!

Approaching midlife often brings challenges of many kinds – including normal memory loss or forgetfulness. If and when those incidents of memory loss seem to be happening more frequently, they can be frightening.“Where the heck did I put the car keys?” “What was the name of that movie we just saw?” “What did I come in here for?”

Changes in memory function can begin in your 40s or 50s and come slowly or gradually at first. The fact is that some memory loss, forgetfulness, or "fuzzy brain" is perfectly normal after turning fifty, and probably does not signal the onset of a debilitating memory disorder or dementia such as Alzheimer's.

About Memory Function
There are many types of memory that deal with everyt…

Top Ten Foods For A Good Nights Sleep

There are many reasons of not getting a good night’s sleep. Whatever it is, try to enjoy some foods would can clam you and relax your tense muscle. Yahoo! Food suggests top 10 foods that helps you to get solid 8 hours of sleep. They are Bananas, Chamomile tea, Warm milk, Honey, Potatoes, Oatmeal, Almonds, Flaxseeds, Whole-wheat bread and Turkey. The easiest one is warm milk and whole-wheat bread.
Doesn't everything look so yummy?

Do you let friends or relatives drive your car? Prevent "Surprises"!

Do you occasionally lend your car out to a relative or a friend? If he or she gets into an accident, your auto insurance may not cover it.
Here are some tips:
Family policies offer broader coverage. Any relative in your household and any other person who has your permission to drive your vehicle is covered. I think the keyword here is "Family Policy". Check it out with your insurance agent - especially if you're single.Named insured-only policies are more restrictive but they are often 10% to 15% cheaper than family coverage policies. As the name implies, they cover only the driver named in the policy. If you lend your car to a friend, your child or even your spouse and there's an accident? The policy will not pay out.Not sure what type of policy you have? Contact your insurance company. If it's a named insured only policy, never let anyone drive your car.If other people are sharing your car, change up to a family policy as the extra premium cost may wel…

Here's a great Support Group site for Active Aging

Of course I have to share this and from WebMD you can be sure it's great information.
Want to know more?
"Aging? What's that? People today are living longer, healthier, more active lives. Share your ideas and get the information and support you need to put some pep in your step and grow younger in mind, body, and spirit no matter what your age!"

Connect here with your health community:

Forgetfulness and shut off the car

I talked to my mom on Monday night.
She had gone to a senior center to hook up with a bunch of other women for their monthly "Lunch Bunch" meeting. Each month they meet at the senior center building, just about a block from my mom's house and the group divides up and a group of four will ride with one person. Apparently my mom drove to the center and hopped out of her car and went into the center to see if her friend was there. Her friend was in the center along with the rest of the group so they divided up and off they went to a restaurant for lunch.
When they returned to the center the receptionist came out, when she saw my mom, and handed my mother the keys to her car. Apparently, when my mother hopped out of the car, my mom had left her car running until someone noticed it had been running for how long? I didn't find that out.
So now what?
It wasn't but 3 months ago the doctor had her tested and said there was just a teeny weeny bit of brain dementia …

Blood Test for Alzheimer's?

I subscribe to the Amen Clinic's E-Newsletter (has nothing to do with religion) and everything to do with brain, behavior, health.
This month's newsletter is about Alzheimer's testing, especially for those of us who may have the disease in the family. The test is "within sight and could eventually help us in our quest toward reversing the disease's onset....." The two pictures are of a healthy brain, the smooth one and an Alzheimer's patients brain, the lumpy one. The pictures are called Spect scans. My mom is 82 and she got *confused* a couple of months ago. They did a blood test on her and found she was dehydrated - dehydration can cause confusion. The doctor also said he tested for a B12 deficiency, which also can cause Alzheimer's behavior. Besides getting confused she continues to say things like "I can't remember right now, I think my mind is going". I try to reassure her that all of us are more forgetful these days than ever befo…

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise...........whew!

Just got home from a 2 ½ hour, beginning, Tai Ji class taught by a woman who looks 40 and I’ll bet she’s almost 70. She said her father was a Tai Ji Master for over 50 years and only after he had ulcers and some other bad medical stuff happening to him at the age of 20. After a year of doing Tai Ji his ulcers had healed, his allergies were gone and his arthritis had disappeared. She said it all has to do with the range of motion we get while exercising. Unlike American exercise where you go up and down, side to side or forward or backward, this has to do with twisting and turning your body and a total range of motion moving your joints. She said because Tai Ji makes us use both sides of our brain, Alzheimer's isn't in the cards for people who do Tai Ji daily. As is Osteoporosis non-existent with Tai Ji. Makes sense to me. Sure feels like its working – already – only after 2 lessons. The lessons are only once a week but we’re to do 20 minutes a day. And, she said, we…

Welcome To The Boomers And Beyond........

Definition Of A Baby Boomer Baby boomers are people born during the demographic Post–World War II baby boom between the years 1946 and 1964. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the term "baby boomer" is also used in a cultural context

This is the first post on this blog and we welcome to all of you.
The point of this blog is to cross generational lines, a little bit or a lot more, while being as diverse as possible. Here you'll find topics on exercise, news, recipes, gardening, current affairs, books, debates, stories of years past, jokes and more! It's your own personal rant, rave, emotional outlet, a place for you to connect with and to people. It's local, it's national, it's international. It's a pen pal site. And it's a place to go when the newspaper or all online news is just too overwhelming.
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