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Things We're Too Old to Say - reprint from Politico by Jacquelyn Mitchard

Things We're Too Old to Say - Sounding off on slang we should drop

by Jacquelyn Mitchard, March 11, 2011

I'll never be too old to say I love you. I'll never be too old to say I'm sorry. I'll never be too old to ask an obnoxious jerk if he's this rude to everybody or if he's running a special just for me.
Still, I am too old to keep on saying certain things. Being part of the generation that won't grow up means that I still have many friends (female) who announce that they're going "to the little girls' room" to "tinkle," and many friends (male) who clap their pals on the back and cry "dude!"
We may be young at heart. We may even fit into our wrestling singlet or cheerleader uniform. (No, you don't have to prove it … I believe you!) All that said, we could at least talk the talk of gracefully grown people.
What follows here is a smattering of silly syntax — slang that people of my generation should never utter.