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Goals, Goals, Goals Are Driving Me Crazy

Why Can’t I Follow Through With My Goals?

I want to start my goal setting, again, before New Year’s Day.I try to do this every year and it doesn’t work.Then I say I’ll start my new goals New Year’s Day and then that doesn’t happen.As you can see I haven’t posted in quite some time, a long time.All because I can’t seem to follow through on my goals – again.And there seems to be many different reasons (excuses?) why. Tomorrow’s another day.I’ve had to do things my entire life, now that I’m retired I don’t have to so I’m not going toI’d rather be doing something elseI’m afraid I might failWriting seems like so much work.I think I’m going to clean the house right nowI’m retired.Why am I forcing myself to do things?I’m afraid I might fail
These are just a few of the reasons I procrastinate and I’ve gotten better at procrastinating than at *doing*.This year I’m going to try to figure out how to get out of this rut which contributes to my complaining every year around this time. Anyone out t…