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Turning The Big 60

Wow! It just didn't feel like anything.
What's up with that? I mean, it really didn't "feel" like anything at all. I'm beginning to believe 60 is, indeed, the new 40!
Here's a great link to Readers Digest where 50 Celebs were interviewed and share what they learned by Andrew Zuckerman, author of "Wisdom".
Okay, any of you remember these people who are turning 60 this year of 2008?
(Remember, the oldest real Boomers will be turning 64 this year!)

In no particular order, Americans born in 1948 include:

* John Carpenter
* Joe Roth
* Leslie Marmon Silko
* Rhea Perlman
* Ronnie Van Zant (d. 1977)
* Wayne Kramer
* Todd Rundgren
* Alice Cooper
* Raymond Kurzweil
* Teller
* Kate Pierson
* Stevie Nicks
* Dianne Wiest
* James Ellroy
* James Taylor
* Billy Crystal
* William Gibson
* Errol Morris
* Richard Simmons
* Elizabeth Blackburn
* Jerry Mathers
* Phylicia Rashad
* John Ritter (d. 2003)
* Sally Struthers
* Jack…

Memory Loss, Forgetfulness and Aging After 50

This article is copied with permission from Pam Sissons. You can read more of her writings at the links below.

Does memory loss and forgetfulness have to be part of your life after turning fifty? Noticing changes in your memory function as you age is completely normal!

Approaching midlife often brings challenges of many kinds – including normal memory loss or forgetfulness. If and when those incidents of memory loss seem to be happening more frequently, they can be frightening.“Where the heck did I put the car keys?” “What was the name of that movie we just saw?” “What did I come in here for?”

Changes in memory function can begin in your 40s or 50s and come slowly or gradually at first. The fact is that some memory loss, forgetfulness, or "fuzzy brain" is perfectly normal after turning fifty, and probably does not signal the onset of a debilitating memory disorder or dementia such as Alzheimer's.

About Memory Function
There are many types of memory that deal with everyt…

Top Ten Foods For A Good Nights Sleep

There are many reasons of not getting a good night’s sleep. Whatever it is, try to enjoy some foods would can clam you and relax your tense muscle. Yahoo! Food suggests top 10 foods that helps you to get solid 8 hours of sleep. They are Bananas, Chamomile tea, Warm milk, Honey, Potatoes, Oatmeal, Almonds, Flaxseeds, Whole-wheat bread and Turkey. The easiest one is warm milk and whole-wheat bread.
Doesn't everything look so yummy?

Do you let friends or relatives drive your car? Prevent "Surprises"!

Do you occasionally lend your car out to a relative or a friend? If he or she gets into an accident, your auto insurance may not cover it.
Here are some tips:
Family policies offer broader coverage. Any relative in your household and any other person who has your permission to drive your vehicle is covered. I think the keyword here is "Family Policy". Check it out with your insurance agent - especially if you're single.Named insured-only policies are more restrictive but they are often 10% to 15% cheaper than family coverage policies. As the name implies, they cover only the driver named in the policy. If you lend your car to a friend, your child or even your spouse and there's an accident? The policy will not pay out.Not sure what type of policy you have? Contact your insurance company. If it's a named insured only policy, never let anyone drive your car.If other people are sharing your car, change up to a family policy as the extra premium cost may wel…

Here's a great Support Group site for Active Aging

Of course I have to share this and from WebMD you can be sure it's great information.
Want to know more?
"Aging? What's that? People today are living longer, healthier, more active lives. Share your ideas and get the information and support you need to put some pep in your step and grow younger in mind, body, and spirit no matter what your age!"

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