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Have You Ever Wanted To Just Be Done With Stuff? Here's An Idea!

It's Time To Do My Annual 2017 "I'm Done" List
Every year a friend, of about 10 years, and I get together for our annual “I’m Done” list.  This list, when finished, is comprised of all the things we’ll be done with by the end of the following year.  I’ve been told by my friend that this list has helped her be stronger person over the last 8 years we’ve been putting these lists together for ourselves.  I have to agree, making a list with someone can help make me accountable for what I say I'm going to do.  Goal setting with accountability!
We always plan to do our "I'm Done" list about a week before the new year.  The day starts with a celebration champagne cocktail before we start.  Then we open our little spiral books and click on our pens.  We read aloud, each of us taking turns, what we wrote the previous year for the current year.  Some of the things we previously wrote were funny but most were serious.  A few things we wrote down had to do with w…

The Best Children's Books Of 2016

I am posting this reprint today because the holidays are upon us and I still believe giving books as presents encourages people to read, especially children.  Here is a list of the best children's books of 2016.    The Best Children’s Books of 2016 "From love to mortality to the lives of Einstein and Louise Bourgeois, by way of silence and the color of the wind."  Brought to you by Happy book buying!

Here Come the Hectic Holidays...Again

It’s that time of year again when people are getting on my nerves.  The frantic, frenetic pace of the holidays seems to make everyone crazy.  Driving like maniacs to get to the mall, running into people with their shopping carts, ripping stuff off the shelves and not putting it back.  
And the parking lots!  Pulling in and out without so much as a turn of the head to see if anyone is behind them.  The other day I saw a huge pickup truck pull into a parking space where the mom had her door open and her child standing between the door and the vehicle and this monster truck pulled in so fast and close the mom had to close the door so that the child and herself were between the door and her vehicle to be relatively safe.  If the truck would have been one inch closer he would have squashed them both, maybe to death.  Inside the store, he was walking hard and fast, fists clenched, I thought he was deliberately on his way to punch someone out who worked in the store.  Normally I would have …

Goals, Goals, Goals Are Driving Me Crazy

Why Can’t I Follow Through With My Goals?

I want to start my goal setting, again, before New Year’s Day.I try to do this every year and it doesn’t work.Then I say I’ll start my new goals New Year’s Day and then that doesn’t happen.As you can see I haven’t posted in quite some time, a long time.All because I can’t seem to follow through on my goals – again.And there seems to be many different reasons (excuses?) why. Tomorrow’s another day.I’ve had to do things my entire life, now that I’m retired I don’t have to so I’m not going toI’d rather be doing something elseI’m afraid I might failWriting seems like so much work.I think I’m going to clean the house right nowI’m retired.Why am I forcing myself to do things?I’m afraid I might fail
These are just a few of the reasons I procrastinate and I’ve gotten better at procrastinating than at *doing*.This year I’m going to try to figure out how to get out of this rut which contributes to my complaining every year around this time. Anyone out t…