Forgetfulness and shut off the car

I talked to my mom on Monday night.
She had gone to a senior center to hook up with a bunch of other women for their monthly "Lunch Bunch" meeting. Each month they meet at the senior center building, just about a block from my mom's house and the group divides up and a group of four will ride with one person. Apparently my mom drove to the center and hopped out of her car and went into the center to see if her friend was there. Her friend was in the center along with the rest of the group so they divided up and off they went to a restaurant for lunch.
When they returned to the center the receptionist came out, when she saw my mom, and handed my mother the keys to her car. Apparently, when my mother hopped out of the car, my mom had left her car running until someone noticed it had been running for how long? I didn't find that out.
So now what?
It wasn't but 3 months ago the doctor had her tested and said there was just a teeny weeny bit of brain dementia going on but the biggest problem was her electrolytes/sodium levels were too high which can cause confusion. So can a B12 deficiency but her B12 levels were just fine. She was told to drink more water and be tested again 30 days later.
She went and had her 30 day later blood test which showed sodium levels were okay and sugar was high and she was dehydrated. I told her she needed to keep on drinking more water but she's not. The nurse also said she's pre-diabetic, because of those sugar levels, that she should lay off on the sweets. Needless to say, I went over there the other day and there were (processed, grocery store bought) cookies, rolls, muffins. I don't eat that much pastry in a year that she's eating in a week.
I think she needs another lab test and another call to the doctor, by me as I'm wondering if the dehydration is becoming more serious and causes forgetfulness and confusion also. Or if dementia is something that can get worse with bad eating habits along with her constantly saying "I'm so forgetful, I think I'm losing my mind sometimes" . Like if you were to constantly tell yourself "I'm so stupid" you become stupid-acting?  How do we help someone who is constantly forgetting everything including what we tell them?

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