Blood Test for Alzheimer's?

I subscribe to the Amen Clinic's E-Newsletter (has nothing to do with religion) and everything to do with brain, behavior, health.

This month's newsletter is about Alzheimer's testing, especially for those of us who may have the disease in the family. The test is "within sight and could eventually help us in our quest toward reversing the disease's onset....."
The two pictures are of a healthy brain, the smooth one and an Alzheimer's patients brain, the lumpy one. The pictures are called Spect scans.
My mom is 82 and she got *confused* a couple of months ago. They did a blood test on her and found she was dehydrated - dehydration can cause confusion. The doctor also said he tested for a B12 deficiency, which also can cause Alzheimer's behavior. Besides getting confused she continues to say things like "I can't remember right now, I think my mind is going". I try to reassure her that all of us are more forgetful these days than ever before, that years ago all you had to remember was your telephone number. Today? We must all remember social security numbers, pin numbers, license plate numbers and a host of other things I can't remember right now! lol!
Check out Amen Clinics for some great information and note there are more pictures on the site of all different kinds of brains on alcohol; brains on drugs, brains on coffee and cigarettes. All very interesting as well as informative and rather scary. How far we've come in researching the human body.
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