Exercise, Exercise, Exercise...........whew!

Just got home from a 2 ½ hour, beginning, Tai Ji class taught by a woman who looks 40 and I’ll bet she’s almost 70. She said her father was a Tai Ji Master for over 50 years and only after he had ulcers and some other bad medical stuff happening to him at the age of 20. After a year of doing Tai Ji his ulcers had healed, his allergies were gone and his arthritis had disappeared. She said it all has to do with the range of motion we get while exercising. Unlike American exercise where you go up and down, side to side or forward or backward, this has to do with twisting and turning your body and a total range of motion moving your joints. She said because Tai Ji makes us use both sides of our brain, Alzheimer's isn't in the cards for people who do Tai Ji daily. As is Osteoporosis non-existent with Tai Ji. Makes sense to me. Sure feels like its working – already – only after 2 lessons. The lessons are only once a week but we’re to do 20 minutes a day. And, she said, we can do 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night, we can do the 20 minutes whenever we want. Wow! I thought after she said that tonight. So not like American doctors telling us we need 30 minutes of exercise every other day and “get that heart rate up” yada yada yada. I like the idea of 20 minutes a day and being able to break it up into 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there.I think I’m going to like this new, painless, form of exercise! Oh, and her father has since died, after being a Tai Ji Master for over 50 years and she says “he’s teaching Tai Ji to God now.”I’ll bet he is. And I hope he keeps it up – at least until I’ve reached…………that level!
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