Online Dating: How Long Do I Have To Do This?

Online dating - gosh, this has been going on for over ten years for me.  And yes, I've dated a few men but not for long.  Baggage, you say?  Yes, baggage can be a part of it but more than that.  What I'm finding out is a search for Old Mr. Right can't be a search for Old Mr. Perfect because there isn't such a thing and there never was such a thing.  Not when I was younger, not ever.  And, unfortunately, the older I get the more I wish for perfect or at the very least as close to perfect as possible.  For example, a little weight is acceptable but twenty or more pounds are not good.  Not good for the body, heart health or self-image.  Thinning hair is eventually inevitable in a lot of men but letting it grow long (picture Donald Trump) to compensate for the lack of hair is not attractive. 
I know what you're thinking "oh, my, aren't we Miss Hoity Toity?" but what I'm talking about goes for women too.  Most of us older people are retired and have an abundance of time on our hands.  So my question is:  how is it we don't have time to take care of ourselves?  Most of us are awake at least 12 hours out of the day so why don't we have time to exercise?  Cook healthy meals?  Take care of our skin?  Get regular haircuts?
Now that I've stated my idea of "more than just baggage" in my search for a guy is my idea of what I’m looking for negotiable at all?  Even the least little bit?  Well, maybe.  But wait!  There's more!
What about age requirements?  I've met men who are old and crotchety at 50 and some really active men at 80.  Hmmmmm, who would I pick?  I'm not sure I want to be taking my clothes off in front of a 50 year old so there's the answer.  So age is negotiable.  And then again, age is not always a reliable measure of a man (or woman’s) potential. 
I'm trying not to be so picky because I don't want to miss the chance to meet really great men.
Looking for love online is probably the most difficult I've ever done when it's come to trying to meet someone.  I do want to date so I’ll continue for as long as it takes.  But I'll still be a little "picky."
How picky are you when it comes to dating?

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